Inspector Clouseau Learning English Pronunciation

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  1. davisw said:

    been a steve martin fan since he performed before a crowd of about 50 of us at FSU when he was just starting out

  2. Jeff said:

    That’s the worst pronunciation lesson ever. Although humorous, I feel bad for anyone who’s ever had to go through a class that relies so much on the RAM method (Repeat After Me)

  3. It’s a comedy, not a real pronunciation class. It’s a continuation of the old Peter Sellers pronunciation gags in the Pink Panther series.

  4. Mrs T said:

    Ha, ha, ha I adore Steve Martin; a consummate performer of stupidity if ever there was one.

    Have you seen All of Me? He has great physical comedic skills too – always has me in stitches.

    I used to have speech lessons; now I talk real posh like:))


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